Apr 172020

As you can see, I haven’t touched this blog in a long time. I have updated my portfolio page so if you care to see what I’ve worked on. Life is weird. I’ve been a full time creator since February 2015, when I launched a Patreon for RPPR and in some ways, I feel a bit burned out by the endless production cycle. I also have so many ideas in my head I want to make real – games, novels, podcasts. The list goes on. I still want to keep creating and sharing them with the world. I’ve had successes and failures in the last 5 years and I thought it would be useful for me to list them in no particular order:


  • Falling in Love: I love Maddy with all my heart <3
  • The RPPR Patreon: I’ve created a ton of great content for it and had fun doing it. The community is great (join us on the discord!) and I’ve met a ton of cool people through it.
  • The Mixed Six: Thank god Caleb and Spencer had this idea for a podcast and pulled me into it. It’s been quite a ride and I’ve enjoyed all of it!
  • Helping Caleb get Red Markets launched: I’m incredibly proud of Caleb finishing the game and I’m happy I helped make it real.
  • Night Clerk Radio: I love vaporwave and wanted to do this podcast for years and thanks to Birk, Night Clerk Radio exists
  • X-Risks: I’ve written a lot of material for Eclipse Phase but I’m most proud of the work I did for X-Risks. I wrote a big chunk of the section of TITANs, the main antagonists of the game.
  • Keeping RPPR running: It started in 2007. It’s still going. I’ve slowed down a bit on the schedule (from 6 to 4 AP episodes a month) but it’s still a lot of podcasting!


  • Ruin: Still not in a playable format. Ironically I think I’m close to the mechanics I want for the game but I want a unique new card system that I want to playtest with people in a room, not online.
  • No big game since Base Raiders. I want to do Base Raiders 2E, Ruin, and a few other games, but I haven’t been able to pick a game to focus on.
  • Upwind: Three Beasts: It’s done and out to backers of the Kickstarter and will eventually be sold to the public but it feels a bit of a failure to me. I took so long to finish it, I feel like I let Jeff Barber and myself down.
  • Fiction: Still haven’t written much and I want to write at least a few novels.
  • Email list/newsletter: Wanted to do one for years, finally getting around to it now but who knows if I’ll follow through? Ugh.
  • So many failed game designs/ideas: RIP Steal Dracula’s Gold card game, etc.
  • Still haven’t learned to draw
  • Not as many crossover/guest podcasts as I would have wanted.
  • Not updating this blog
  • Not doing more with Raillery.

Current Focuses in addition to my regular work

  • Night Clerk Radio: Birk and I have a lot planned for this podcast. If you want some new music to listen to or want to learn about vaporwave and dark ambient, check it out!
  • Email newsletter: A monthly thing I will put out with some original content.
  • Fiction: I have some ideas and may try to put up a serial story online. We’ll see.
  • Livestreaming! Going to try this for the RPPR Patreon Discord first. Should be fun.
  • Learn to play piano – more so I can better understand music theory – might help when I review music haha

I’ll try to update this blog more regularly but we’ll see how that goes

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Dec 112012

Do you like hurting other people?I recently posted a a one shot Call of Cthulhu scenario based on the PC game Hotline Miami on RPPR Actual Play that confused some fans of the show so I thought I would try to explain what the hell I was going for when I ran Hotline Miami. If you haven’t listened to the episode yet, I suggest you do or this won’t make much sense. This post will have spoilers in it for Hotline Miami and Spec Ops: The Line.

The scenario contains 4 main elements: Hotline Miami the video game, the King in Yellow mythos, Spec Ops: The Line, and an idea I’ve had for a while – instead of making the player characters fight, let them share control of a golem that fights their battles for them. Keep reading to find out how I used them…

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