Podcast Editing and Consultation

If you’re interested in starting your own podcast, I can help! I have been podcasting continuously since 2007. In that time, I launched multiple successful podcasts on my own, including one in the top 1% globally. Role Playing Public Radio and RPPR Actual Play cover the tabletop RPG hobby. The Mixed Six is a variety discussion show with my co-hosts Caleb and Spencer. Night Clerk Radio is a music review podcast.

My portfolio page lists all of my podcasts and publications.

I can help you with any of these challenges:

Launching a Podcast

  • Format and topic planning
  • Logo and title design
  • How to pick a podcast host
  • Recording episodes
  • Finding the right equipment

Editing and Producing Podcasts

  • Noise removal and enhancing quality of audio
  • Editing for clarity by removing filler words and pauses
  • Writing show notes and episode titles
  • Uploading and scheduling episodes on a consistent schedule
  • Creating show topics
  • Finding guests for interviews
  • Research and analysis for show topics

Marketing Podcasts

  • Creating audiogram clips for social media sharing
  • Developing marketing plans to increase audience
  • Using a podcast to promote your brand

Please contact me at rpprpodcast AT gmail DOT com or use the contact form below to arrange a free consultation so we can figure out what works best for you.