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2012 Year in Review

This has been a busy year for me, so I thought I would list everything I’ve done. See if you’ve missed any of my work!


Best RPG Podcast  awarded to Role Playing Public Radio at the 2012 Ennies.

Best Humor book:  2012 IBPA Benjamin Franklin awards.

Finalist in the Bill Fisher Best First Book (Fiction) category: 2012 IBPA Benjamin Franklin awards.

Silver medal Graphic Novel/Drawn Book – Humor/Cartoon: 2012 Independent Publishers Book awards.

Bronze medal for Best Humor: Foreword Reviews Book of the Year Awards.  


Zombies in Afghanistan

The Heretic Cycle: Hunted

Audio Podcasts

Role Playing Public Radio

13 episodes posted of Role Playing Public Radio, from Episode 69 to Episode 81.
Total time of all episodes: 20 hours and 52 minutes.

3 panel discussions and 1 interview posted on Role Playing Public Radio.
Total time: 3 hours and 40 minutes.

RPPR Actual Play

58 episodes of RPPR Actual Play posted in 2012, including guest AP episodes, and the Slenderman nWoD campaign.
Total time of all episodes: 213 hours and 45 minutes.


3 episodes of Unspeakable! and 5 Unspeakable Actual Play episodes posted in 2012
Total time of episodes: 6 hours and 57 minutes
Total time of AP episodes: 13 hours and 16 minutes

Video Podcasts

RPPR Video

10 episodes posted to RPPR Podcast’s Youtube Channel in 2012
Total time of all episodes: 69 minutes and 46 seconds


2 episodes to Raillery’s account in 2012
Total time of all episodes: 57 minutes 48 seconds

Kickstarter Projects

Base Raiders Kickstarter raised $14,110 with 427 backers.

Helped the No Security and Noir City Kickstarters

Interviews on Other Podcasts

Building the Game

Roaming Startup

Metagamers Anonymous

Carpe GM

Channel 2 (With Caleb and Tom from RPPR)

Other Work

Zombies of the World part of the 2012 Holiday Story Bundle

Added a Zombie Survival Quiz to the Zombies of the World website

Released first edition of Killsplosion as a free PDF.

Freelance work

Converted A Season in Carcosa and The Dark Strange One into ebook formats for Miskatonic River Press

10 videos edited for Lens & Pen Press

Graphic design and website made for book Damming the Osage.

Goals for 2013

  1. Release Base Raiders on time and under budget.
  2. Create more video content for Raillery and RPPR Video.
  3. Write more fiction: part 2 of the Heretic Cycle, 1 zombie short ebook and 1 novel.
  4. Run a followup Kickstarter for Base Raiders – a supplement/sourcebook.
  5. Redesign the RPPR network of sites – give them all a consistent look and feel.


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